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What's New at Pakrat Customs?

the new S&S Super E from S&S Cyclesas promised by Beth, thank you so much Beth

More Parts are arriving slowely for Chris' bike. I am so personally humbled by the generosity and help from everyone involved.  I have heard from the painter that is doing the rest of the paint that the clear for the top coat has finally arrived and the rest of the painted parts will be done soon. I am so looking forward to seeing those. I can assure everyone that as soon as the bike is complete I shall unveal the true heart of Pakrat Customs for all to see and my brother Chris to ride.



Delays beyond my control have slowed things down. I am still working on the WWP bike for Chris and it WILL be done as soon as humanly possible. I can not make parts arrive any faster than they are so I am pleased that everyone is not upset that it is not done yet. I am just awating on deliverys so that I can finish it up and take it to Chris at his home.  I as well as everyone that has been following and donated to it wish to see it completed and delivered. This for those that really know me, know it is no joke to me or Chris. Even he knows it is very real and dear to my own heart. I am a very honorable person and doing my best efforts to get her done as fast as I can for my Brother Chris.

Things with the build have slowed a little. Due to the cold weather slowing down the UPS trucks getting parts here on time. I am also awaiting on painted parts. I am still looking forward to completion on the orignal deadline time. If not then I will be happy with still completeing it before the end of the year. And I will hold my Head High and say it is an accomplishment others havent tried. This is for my brother Chris Aguilera and HE knows it will arrive. This being the first build out of the shop and it being done on donations I would say it has gone rather well. please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. James

Hey America the deadline is almost here! Today is Nov 13,2013 And today I heard from Chris, he got released to go home to Vegas on the 27th of this month. So my dead line is moved up and I will be going to Vegas to deliver the bike. However here is a list of parts still needed to complete this mission:



As you can see the list has gotten much smaller, still need these few parts to complete the bike. so please pull down deep and help us make the final streach as we near the end only 3 weeks left to go for delivery deadline. lets make it happen


  1. saddle bags
  2. and anything special any one wishes to send to Chri Aguilera 


 We now have customer loyalty cards in stock. When you get 5 services done with us you get a free oil change. The bike that gets the services doesn't matter nor does the one that gets the oil change. All that matters is that it is done at our shop and that its your card, too easy so stop in and start earning your rewards today.


Big things are always happening at the shop. Come on in and hang out with us!


We are doing a WWP bike build for a fellow wounded veteran. We need help with parts and accesories to make this happen. We are set up to take donations at Pakrat Customs WWP Bike Build  We have a fellow Veteran that has donated an engine to the project already. We are not doing this for popularity or fame. I am a disabled vet and wish to help another disabled vet.


 The word is getting around and some big companies are stepping up to help. I have even heard from people at HDMC in Milwaukee that they are going to do what they can to help with this noble cause as they put it. Please everyone lets keep this going in the right direction. James aka Pakrat


Update #2 I just received an email from S&S they are sending us a complete carb system intake to cover. Now hows that for being a team player. The Stealth Kit their engineer said would not fit the size engine we are using so this is what they offered when they found out we didnt have a carb yet. No complaints here just a very grateful shop and soon a very grateful new bike owner and Dissabled Vet.

Above is update # 3 With pictures as the parts start to arrive just as promised to you all that are following the build. This lovely new addition is all because of 1 lady at S&S Cycles. Beth, she was just going to send us the air cleaner assembly til I spoke up and slipped at saying we didnt have a carb yet. I didn't want to appear gready even though it's not for me personally. It is for another combat vet. I just was so thank ful that they had already stepped up and made an offer I couldnt dare ask for more. It's just the solider in me and the man my father and grandparents made me into today. I know they are proud of what I am doing. In part this honors all my personal family as well as we are all Veterans( the males are) as are most of you that are reading and following this. So yet again I put the challange to anyone reading this YOU can see the only part we actually can say we have here ready to go. Now I challange YOU to be the next 1 to have a photo put on here of what you sent.! Can YOU do IT?

part of the Latest addition to the WWP Vet bike build

Update #4: this beauty came to us by way of a fellow veteran up in Ok.Jim Reed is his name. But yes it is a complete motor, just needs finished up. And thats what we do here at the shop, so our undying gratatude goes out to you my comerade! We will make a new home for her that is well deserved. And she will be well loved by her new owner.a set of 88" cases with 103 rods and wheels with 96" racing pistons and 95" bigbore cylinders makes a monster motor. And a stand alone ignition from Thunder Heart Performance Products with an S&S Super E she will Screem.



Nothing new to add yet, at last that has arrived. got parts promised but nothing here yet awaiting on the arrival.


Update #5 The great bunch over at Pure Power has sent us a lifetime oil filter for the disabled vet bike. That is awsome, and we have it on display here at the shop right now plus we can order them for anyone that wants one just come by and let us know the year model you need it for, even cars and trucks. We can get it for ya just ask.

Hello my friends udpate on the WWP bike project. We have a candidate from the WWP to receive the bike! He is an Airman now dissabled and ONLY 1 of 2 survivors of an attack on the gunship he was serving on overseas.  He and his Captian are the only 2 to survive the attack, he has lost 1 leg and the other foot. This is all that I know at this moment other than He is an avid rider and thought he would not be able to ride again. Now he is very happy to learn that he can and will. So please help US finish the build for him. We are still lacking alot of parts and need those donated, email for a list of parts needed to complete this. And yes we are donating alot of parts and all our time to this build so please America help us help a Disabled Veteran ride again.


His name is Master Sgt Chris Aguilera of the US Air Force, wounded in combat where he lost his leg, came home got a fake leg and returned and got an infection in hes remaning foot, now that has been removed. We here at Pakrat Customs Salute You Chris for your Valiant efforts and sacrifice. We will be making several custom parts for the bike to set things up as Chris has requested. I will be posting pictures of his ew 80 spoke rims and other pics later this weekend. I wanted to give a big thank you to J&P Cycles for the donation of the rims. They are truely a friend of the American Veteran.

Master Sgt Chris Aguilera at physical therapy
Master Sgt Chris Aguilera at the Air Feild

Wow the new frame from Paughco is here and looking great. I will load the image later today. Trust me its awsome. Thank you all at Paughco for what you have done espically Pegi Sue for the extra leg work you did personally trying to make this happen for us. Everyone make sure when you call Paughco tell Pegi Sue an extra thank you for helping support our veterans. And a Big thanks to the whole company for your support of Americas Fighting Men & Women we all are very grateful.

Update: Thank You goes out to Ft. Hood Harley-Daidson of Harker Heights Tx  They donated a New in the Box Big Bore Kit for the bike build which akes this even better for the build as now we don't have to hone the other cylinders and get new pistons and rings. This includes all the gaskets needed to complete the motor work, so now the motor will be almost complete.They also donated a neset of lower fork legs which will help in the build progress. Thank you to Lowell the GM, and Jessica the Parts Mgr with your guys help the build is even better than I expected.



A big thank you goes out to Thunder Heart, they have donated the stand alone tc ignition system and the speed sensor for the transmission. It is on its way straight from the company it self.

The Awsome custom Seat for the bike build Check out the work done on that

more of the powder coated flat black items for the bike. wait for more suprises like the sound system and all

some of the parts I powder coated

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The 80 spoke wheels donated by J&P Cycles. Much thanks to them for such a generous donation

the shield trim donated by JM-Krome another Veteranowned company thank you guys so much. get well soon Jim.

sometimes when you are doing a special build likethis one you must think back to the roots of the real bikes like this one to get Ideas on how to make things work. and new parts are fabricated from these ideas as they will be on Chris' bike and those will not be reveiled until the bike is reveiled.

A major thank you goes out to Michael Romero of Phoenix Az. I wont release publically any more info on him as it would be deamed in appropiate. However he did donate a major part of the build the transmission and oil pan from his personal 2003 Road King that is a perfect fit for this build. Yes I will open it up and check everything inside and freshen up the gaskets and seals since they sat for a while. He had upgraded his tranny to an aftermarket 6 speed and had this one in storage. When he saw my need for it he was more than happy to help. So lets all America give a big thank you to Mr. Michael Romero, Thank you sir from Pakrat Customs and Chris Aguilera. photos to follow soon



Big Thank you to our friends at V-Twin for the outer Faring they sent for the build.

I have heard from a few other companies that some other special goodies are on the way to make this an extra special bike just for Chris. And extra secure. I an anxious and cant wait to see everything.


Called HD in Wisc. They have the local dealerships helping in any way they can so we can complete on time. Awsome

the swing arm before new powder
HMF Eng. Slip-on in Black, as requested so pretty
the black skelton mirrors, and ignition coil sitting in the display case for Chris' bike

frame after flat black powder

Thunder Heart Products stand alone ignition system for TC Harley Davidsons/ Sweet action